The Health On Earth Foundation is a 501(C)(3) corporation created in 1990 to supply medical equipment and training to less fortunate medical institutions of the world.

The primary objective was to provide equipment, education, and training to the less fortunate of the world. Over the years the program has been expanded to include nutritional and surgical programs by medical practitioners who not only offered their services but also educate the local doctors in modern methodology and equipment. Health on Earth continues to provide these services while seeking new ways to improve the quality of life for impoverished people of the world. Since inception HOE has passed on over 85% of received donations to needy recipients.

HOE has provided donated equipment, spare parts, and supplies to medical facilities. We also send technicians to provide training in operation, maintenance and repair.

Food, supplies, nutritional supplements, and clothes are also sent to needy institutions.

Physician teams are sent to provide direct medical assistance and education in their individual practices.

Surgical teams in a number of specialties teach new techniques and provide direct medical care.

HOE has over the years provided tens of millions of dollars in aid. This includes medical equipment and supplies to India, Russia, Africa, Croatia, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, and several other countries. In addition HOE has developed specialized programs in physician services, pediatric cardiovascular surgery, and general surgery. These techniques were both performed and taught to recipients. Some of our other aid programs have been cardiovascular surgery in Kazakhstan; pharmaceutical drugs to the Dominican Republic; about 500 tons of clothing to The Society of the Red Cross in Russia, The Armenian Refugee Committee, The Ukrainian Orthodox Church, And The Union of Invalids (Dopomoga); medical supplies to Tonga; food relief to Rwanda; medical equipment and supplies to Croatia.

HOE has teamed with Gerber to provide food to Eastern European countries.

HOE has teamed with Shaklee to provide prenatal vitamins in Russia.

In 1998 HOE sent a team of EMT's and firemen into Ulyanovsk, Russia to train local personnel in triage techniques and in extraction and transportation of accident victims. HOE was also the first foundation to teach spinal immobilization and back board techniques in Russia.

In 2000 HOE sent over nine million dollars of food and medicine to Moscow and St. Petersburg to aid the orphans and widows of the military.

From 2001 to 2004 HOE worked with the Knights of Malta to build a Cardio-Thoracic ward in a Croatian children's hospital.

Medical Equipment
Equipment is acquired from hospitals, manufacturers, clinics, laboratories, and military surplus.

These facilities donate their used, blemished, or discontinued equipment. The equipment is shipped from donors to a warehouse facility where it is inspected, calibrated, and repaired as needed by a team of volunteer technicians. The costs are borne by donations and sponsors of the recipient institutions.

Health On Earth has established custom tailored training programs to address the specific needs of recipients.

Local personnel not only receive education, but also the training to become educators themselves, thereby establishing an ongoing educational program in their country. Physicians, nurses, and residents volunteer their time to teach local medical professionals to utilize treatment modalities made possible with the new equipment. Exchange programs have been established to bring foreign health care professionals to major university hospitals in the US for training.

  • Bio-medical technicians donate their time to teach local techs how to maintain and service their equipment. The local techs can then teach others.
  • Surgical teams are available in a number of specialties. They perform surgical procedures, as well as train local surgeons in advance techniques so they can perform independent of ongoing support.
  • These volunteers spend from one to four weeks in country interacting with the local population thus establishing a cultural exchange as well as medical expertise.
Looking Forward

While we continue with our current programs, we feel there are three significant other areas in need of development.

Many impoverished people worldwide have little or no access to hospitals or clinics.

Due to this lack of basic health care, viruses spread rapidly in the community, illnesses are prolonged, trauma patients do not receive immediate care, and the number of fatalities increases. HOA intends to purchase several mobile clinics and sterile mobile operating rooms. These will be placed in areas of dire need and will be able to move from village to village. They are made in the USA to US standards.

Access to fresh, potable water is very limited throughout Third World countries.

Many diseases are borne from polluted wells and rivers. To address this dilemma HOE intends to purchase several portable water purification/desalinization plants. These plants can provide up to 50,000 gallons of potable water per day. They are powered by generator, solar and/or battery. These also are made in the USA to US standards. Technicians will be provided to instruct locals in the operation and maintenance of the units.

The children of poverty are undernourished.

We intend to provide nutritional supplements that are high in protein, vitamins, and minerals while low in sugar. These supplements will help provide the children with the basic building blocks of a better diet. Dr. Shri Sharma has designed these supplements to be healthy and affordable. Healthy bodies and healthy minds may help the young escape poverty.

We look forward with great anticipation to the implementation of these plans for the future. HOE has always striven to help those in need. We hope we can count on your continued support in our endeavors. Please feel free to contact us regarding our work.

Board of Trustees

Joseph W. Wersal Chairman of the Board/CEO

Phone: 978 464 5228

Deborah Schram Vice President


Robert Huldeman President

Mobile: 937 602 6383

Joseph Zharovsky Director of Eastern European Operations


Advisory Board

Dr. C. Stephen Szlatenyi Chairman Emeritus
Dr. Shri Sharma PhD, FACN
Dr. Donath Emusu Specializing in Public Health Programs

The Health On Earth Foundation

196 E Princeton RD, Princeton MA 01541